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Peer Index: It identifies social influencers by topic.Traackr: A premium category of service that is billed as an influencer marketing and analytics platform, Traackr helps you discover influencers, get social media insights, and figure out how best to connect.Kred Story is a consumer application for curating and sharing on social networks and analyzing your own social media activities; it also offers each user a Kred score.Once you’ve selected your tool (or tools), you can get down to the nitty gritty. Identify the influencers that have the biggest reach (most followers) 2. Identify those influencers that are not currently interacting with your brand – this is where your opportunity lies.They talk (or tweet, or post) and people listen…and click…and buy. Influencers can spread you message to a very targeted audience.But what exactly is an Influencer and how do you approach them?

An Influencer is someone who is considered an authority in a particular topic.

An Influencer is a person who has a significant impact on a niche area such as organic foods, dating services, medical devices, and revolutionary software.

An Influencer may also be associated with consumer groups, or industry and trade associations.

Socialdraft Smart ID On Socialdraft we’ve created an influencer discover feature that is super targeted.

Smart ID gives you influencers who are already engaging with your content.

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