Wu zun ella dating

An official statement from the agency said the heart-throb “devia­ted from the rules of etiquette as an adult member of society” by not informing the company of the marriage and asking for permission first.

Who said marriage is something between only two people?

University student Huang Shanshan, 21, believes it is because there is a general belief that “in Hollywood, marriages often don’t last”.

Professing to be a big fan of actor Ryan Reynolds (, 2011), she said she was not at all upset when he got married to actress Scarlett Johansson in 2008.

He might not have been entirely delusional in his belief.We encourage artists to be true to who they are, embrace the fame that comes with their craft and to seek the support of fans through their work performances.” Chua presumes fans do not mind local stars dating and getting married because, ironically, they are “a lot more accessible”.She says: “It is not surprising if you knew a Singapore star somehow.He confessed it in a video clip posted on his Facebook page, saying amid tears he decided to finally tell the truth “out of love” for his family.His wife, whose identity he did not reveal, had “suffered” in silence over the years, he said, while his daughter kept asking him why he never took her to outdoor playgrounds to play.

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