Wwe fans dating

The only potential snag here is how well-loved both of these good guys are.

If there's no clear fan favourite to root for, will that sap the contest of its edge?

After WWE Royal Rumble 2018 kicked off the Road to Wrestle Mania 34, Monday Night Raw paved the way with Elimination Chamber 2018 and Smack Down Live kept things going with Fastlane 2018.

Now it's time for the big one, and even those once-a-year fans will be restarting their WWE Network subscription for this.

It nearly happened back at Wrestle Mania 31, but the interruption from Seth Rollins with that Money in the Bank briefcase ended all that.

It was a stunning conclusion, but in truth it was already a fantastic match.

It's Nakamura who is challenging for Styles's title.

This rematch over the water has been a long time coming, and this time the tables have been turned.Charlotte has made short work of recent pretenders to her throne, especially those in the Riott Squad, but Asuka is a whole different story.This has the potential to be the match of the night, and we think that Asuka is just too strong, too experienced and too invulnerable to lose.After coming so close many times in Florida and on the main roster, it really does feel like the time is now.Alexa will try every trick in the book to keep her crown (and probably write a few more, too), but it won't be enough.

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