Www elitedating tv

A hackernews dating site would be amazing, except for the demographic problem of too many heterosexual males.

My favorite sites so far for meeting people for dating have been flickr, chow, and dpreview.

I suspect travel sites would also work pretty well.

A hackernews dating site would be amazing, I am not sure our demographic should seek significant others within itself.

( Donalds_Restaurants_v_Morris_...)Jesus, for a month you could: Go get a drink every week with some friends and maybe meet someone in an actual real life bar, sign up for a fun activity like salsa, generally do something you enjoy where you'll meet like minded people. In Toronto, a beer costs about 2 CAD, which is also 2 USD (we have reached parity again).

They clearly optimize their Google results as a cursory look through search results reveals that their enormously bad reputation on user-review sites is buried amongst dozens of supposedly objective dating sites reviews, which - quelle surprise - they fare exceptionally good on.Maybe I'm foolish, but compared to someone like Scientology, I doubt they're terribly effective at harassment.I posted their URL on the original blog in a comment.matchmaking for corporate executives)"I'm not going to mention any of the websites by name, because they are extremely litigous, and I don't want it to be said I directly accused any particular company of scamming."I hate this aspect of our legal system.I really have no idea why people are so afraid of them.

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