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Whats App seem to encourage openness in other ways too - only users who display their own “last seen” are allowed to see the “last seen” of others.

You wonder what it is that she gets up to until two am every Wednesday.

If SS goes offline between 1100PM and 0730AM each day, you can infer that he is following the plan and just seems dull and sluggish because he is a dull and sluggish person.

However, if he instead only goes dark between 0300AM and 0800AM, you know that he is skimping on sleep to either party or play computer games in his underwear.

However, you have developed reason to suspect that Steve Steveington is losing his commitment to the plan and is staying up until the early hours of the morning partying at nightclubs or playing Call of Duty.

This is unacceptable - if he falls behind because he didn’t take your training program seriously then you’re not going to be the one to drag him round the punishing 5km course.

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