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If your honey is handing out hundreds like a Goodfella, that could be a sign of trouble.

“It might mean that he doesn’t have very good credit, so he has to use cash to pay for things,” says Bossler.

“Just on the level of combined experiences, you’re making financial decisions together, even if it’s just going out to dinner,” she says.

Before you head into a relationship that’s destined for dollar-related doom, take note of these clues on your next date.

So really, his bedroom was just in the basement,” she says.

Although he claimed it was temporary until he was back on his feet after a job loss, the idea that he wasn’t financially independent sent her running.

Further investigation: While you don’t want to probe too much after just a date or two, you can try suggesting activities in a few different price ranges to get a sense of what the other person feels financially comfortable with, says Spira.

He might show some relief that you’re OK with grabbing a coffee and seeing a matinee movie, rather than the more expensive dinner and club night.

If her answer is a bit too carefree for your taste, consider yourself warned.

If you notice your prospective partner tends to overindulge despite not having a career that is likely to support that lifestyle, it could be a flag.

Whether he drives an exotic car, or she’s dressed in designer items head to toe, it’s natural to wonder if every paycheck is going toward these splurges or if they’re carrying a lot of credit card debt, says Spira.

Say something like: “I notice you use only cash to buy stuff.

My best friend is like that, too, after someone stole her credit card.” Your date’s response should give you more insight if the explanation is that he only uses credit for emergencies or online purchases, or something like that.

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