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When this data is checked against a constraint using the Flow Control, any errors that are found are not loaded to the target but are loaded to an errors table that is created and managed by ODI.

Each row of this table represents a record that did not pass a constraint, the row also has a message column that explains why the records were rejected.

To begin working on her projects, Linda created the new Master repository and Work repository.

Now Linda needs to create a project and an interface to export data from a source XML file, perform transformations, and load this data into RDMBS table using ODI constraints. The newly created ODI_exp_XML-RT project now appears in the Projects tree view. You export an XML file directly to a relational table target.

This OBE tutorial describes and shows you how to create an Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) interface that will import an XML file into a database table CLIENT.

This process also involves adding an ODI constraint to the CLIENT model.

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Linda works as a database administrator for Global Enterprise.

In Global Enterprise, Linda is responsible for performing database management and integration tasks on various resources within the organization.

In particular, Linda is responsible for data loading, transformation, and validation.

Note: In this example, the generic SQL KMs are used.

However, specific KMs for the RDBMS technology can be used as well.

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