Yonghwa seohyun dating for real

Park was shown as a doctor, I am a doctor myself and I hope all doctors should feel like him.Wanted to post a comment only after finishing the show.Best romance couple so far out of a 100 dramas I have seen. She was a much better match and the main one I didn't like her characher nor the actress.it's a shame that sometimes the producers choose the actress only based on popularity or other bad reasons...really disappointed in that,it ruined it for me Jin Se Yeon is good female lead to Lee Jong Suk :) no doubt I don't have problem for her acting, I'm touched in her sincere expressions, it means she's effective in my eyes, she can act, thanks I'm not bias and I appreciates the efforts of actors, I agree she is pretty calm hir, she is suits to Lee Jong Suk performance, I definitely agree but her role is weak sometimes, but she is not bad.. Jin Se Yeon is best and cute lead she is deserves a roles that was best for her. I still like Jae Hee/Seung Hee character here a lot..heehehee even when she may sound messy....Whatever the other negative comments that I read here, I love the pretty partnership of Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon they suits together, like Lee Jong Suk to Han Hyo Joo, for all leading ladies of Jong Suk I like them , both beautiful girls, have sweet personalities. I will definetly be checking High End Crush with Jung Il Woo. I thought she was really mature though had be cunning as well but anyway many have different opinions..yeah this drama is not an epic drama, and have flaws especially the bridge scene in the last episode.I enjoy the drama and story overall...i think the drama is no near bad...

her character here sometimes have epic failed they don't fair to jin se yeon, if the other bashed jin se yeon in this messy character, it likes that character is good what??thats actually that disappoint me that i had to stop watching on ep10 lol.i like it, its really impressive for someone who doesnt know anything abt medical like me.It not just about habing chemistty with each other but this drama shows how both face those problems in order to stay within the bounds of their love.I am always afraid/tensed that Lead man will be inloved with 2nd lead but hoping it is not the case. I love watching those leading woman cause I find koreans pretty.

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